About Lauren

An early interest in portrait photography led Lauren to Art School in Canberra, where she explored gender identity as depicted in Victorian stories such as Alice in Wonderland and the Secret Garden. Since then, she has experimented with digital media to explore the art of natural history, developing her own personal style.

​Lauren continuously collects specimens for scanning and photographing, building a library of images to incorporate build her images.

​"I'm fascinated by plants, their chlorophyll, the way they feast on sunlight and harbour an endless microbial populations and diaspora in their root systems. What really enthrals me is the unseen, unknown operations and a consciousness we are only just beginning to understand."

​Using a mixed method including a flatbed scanner as a camera, combined with digital manipulation, Lauren creates botanical and still life photographs. Images are laid backwards, so as to expose debris, pollen or receding foliage. In this way, images are built piece by piece, collaging and layering flowers, foliage and debris and aiming to capture the haphazard concoctions of natives, introduced species or weeds that cohabitate in our gardens, parks, fields or commercial nurseries. Main passages, such as a single flower, are added in the final stages.

Lauren lives in Melbourne, Australia with her daughter and a large cat.


Bachelor of Art/ Art (Visual) - Australian National University

Graduate certificate in Art History - University of Melbourne